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  • Invacare Wheel Lock Extensions, Pair
    Item #: 1329BKST
    HCPCS Code:  E0961
    The Invacare Wheel Lock Extensions are designed for ease of use to engage wheel locks on Invacare wheelchairs. Wheel lock extensions are helpful for individuals with hand dexterity issues or weakness.
    MSRP:  $41.77
  • Invacare Adjustable Rear Anti-Tippers for 6" Casters, Pair
    Item #: 1360A
    HCPCS Code:  E0971
    Adjustable rear anti-tippers designed for Invacare wheelchairs with 6" front casters.
    MSRP:  $87.82
  • 80 Degree Swing In/Out Painted Footrests
    Item #: 80STRGHT
    HCPCS Code:  K0052
  • Invacare Push Button Style Seat Positioning Strap
    Item #: 1515ST
    The Invacare Push Button Style Seat Positioning Strap is helpful to promote proper positioning and safety of a wheelchair users.
    MSRP:  $53.55
  • Invacare Swing-Away Hemi Smartleg┬« Articulating Legrest, Composite Footplates, Padded Calf Pads
    Item #: AHL4C
    HCPCS Code:  K0053
    Invacare Swing-Away Hemi Smartleg® Articulating Legrest, Composite Footplates, Padded Calf Pads are sold in a pair including left and right legrests. These legrests are compatable with all Tracer and 9000 Series wheelchairs with the exception of the 9000 Topaz Wheelchair. The AHL4C Articulating Elevating Legrests lengthen automatically as the legrest is raised to accomodate taller users or those that require more length than conventional legrests. They conveniently swing away clearing the foot space and allowing the user to stand or transfer from the wheelchair. The length can easily be adjusted to meet the needs of individual users with a tool-free design.
    MSRP:  $341.09
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